Thursday 17 October 2013

Respect EveryBody Cremation-Shrouds 

As seen on National TV  our Bamboo shroud blog is 

The ONLY SHROUD tested and proven for Cremation

With full back up of Independent Risk Assessments and Clear Method statements 

Respect are 2016 members of the Coffin Manufacturers Association FFMA 
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one of this week's Crematorium managers stated
I am glad the family were pleased with how things went. As far as we are concerned all went very well 
and we had no issues!
Thank you for all the information you sent through, it was of great assistance. 
We may find that this proves more popular as time goes on
Last week one Crematorium Manager said
Just to report that all was fine and dandy.  
No hiccups at all and the method of removing from the catafalque was to slide off sideways.
but despite some operator fears, the cremation time was not impeded at all.
Generated a little interest with another FD
Another FD commented this week
Great service again from Gordon and Alison
 One beautiful shroud arrived in perfect time Great biz, Next day they said, It Went really well – no problems setting up the shroud or with the charging.
It was lovely – thanks for all your help

You can now choose a Greener Funeral!

These special Shrouds made in the UK out of tightly woven pur cotton
have now been proven to be safe to use in crematoriums in the UK & Europe.
Here is a shroud draped with a family quilt, removed just before cremation and returned to the family  

More photos & information on EveryBody Burial shrouds can be found on
comments from families and Funeral directors May 2015
Dear Gordon
I wanted to let you know that my brother's burial went very well. The shroud was lovely and soft, 
great quality and perfect for the occasion and it was perfect for him. 
Your support and advice was really appreciated and I can’t really thank-you enough for giving up your time to do this.
Please feel free to use this in any publicity about your products or company.

Kind regards and best wishes,

a simple shroud is both elegant and potentially less expensive…

Thanks again for all your help. I love the shrouds. Just brilliant. 
It meant that as the twin brother of the deceased traveled to the funeral 
he was able to have his hand on his brother's shoulder throughout the shroud. 
Couldn't have done that with a coffin!
Credit to A Natural Undertaking Ltd one of our growing team who love using our shrouds
Summer 2015
Alice's special day organised by Charlotte Graham Funeral Directors
This photo was taken in front of the catafalque at South Leicester Crematorium   
Charlotte encouraged the entire congregation to step forward and attache message tags & touch Alice!
Now again, you simply could NOT do that with a coffin  

Cremation Shrouds

All Respect EveryBody Shrouds are available for Cremation

A  special ChargerBoard as shown upright on the left of this photograph is required with built-in charger plate.

The BodyBoard is the board on the right with the tapered top to ease sliding into the built in pouch within the Shroud 

The Shrouded body is carried into the Crematorium and placed upon the catafalque.
Please NOTE the catafalque are often high and wide so 4 people are needed to lift the shrouded body - Do not pull on the handles.

 The ChargerBoard is to be given to the Crematorium Manager upon arrival who will take it through to the operating team in the rear of the crematorium and have this ready to place the shrouded body onto once the curtains have closed and the mourners have departed.

 The ChargerBoard fits neatly and perfectly flat onto the charging bier 

As you can see the staff have no need to touch the shroud as the charger works with the automated charging systems and is ideal for manual charging too.

Because Bamboo is natural its ignition rate is rather slow so as not to cause any difficulties to staff when closing the cremator door.

Very positive responses come in weekly from crematorium managers such as 
another first for two crematoriums this week and the managers stated
Extremely easy to use
Nothing to make me wince as reported back to the ICCM
Perfectly happy to use them again

We now have crematoriums using shrouds from coast to coast up and down the UK, Scotland & Wales 

Cremations have been successfully carried out over the last 10 years in many 
FT, ATI & European crematoriums 
Crematorium Manufacturers Recommendation 

One of the leading UK & Worldwide crematorium manufacturers carried out a fully supervised and controlled testing of Respect Everybody Shrouds at a municipal crematorium in the UK - they stated:

"We can confirm the Respect EveryBody Shroud presents no difficulties or challenges in its charging and during the cremation process.  The emissions data from the cremations were all within normal parameters and we would have no concerns in recommending using Respect EveryBody Shrouds in the future to any of our crematorium operators in the UK or around the world. 
"We believe these positive tests for Respect EveryBody Shrouds will open up more opportunities for more affordable funerals for the general public and are a welcome alternative to coffins."

Crematorium recommendations:
 I would have no concerns in accepting Respects Coffin-Less-Shrouds in the future 
at our council run Crematorium.
“Respects Coffin-Less-Shrouds are a welcome addition to the Environmentally Friendly 
coffins we already accept”
City Council Crematorium

Cremation Testimonials & Recommendations using the EveryBody Shroud
From: Judy
Sent: 01 August 2013 21:06
To: 'Respect Green Burials Customer Services'
Subject: RE: Successfully using your Shroud for Cremation
Hello Gordon,
I have used one shroud for a cremation yesterday.
The woman in it was 92 years old.
She was a Waldorf School teacher and worked till in her 91st.year
We laid her in the shroud in her garden and everybody put flowers from her garden between the folds of the shroud material.
It was wonderful.
"The Town Crematorium use a Facultative-Technologies Cremator, Europe's No1"
Best regards,

Easily transported in a Funeral Directors Hearse and customers have even transported their loved ones safely in their own vehicles for hundreds of miles to burial grounds in camper vans, private ambulances and motorbike hearse and one family chose a white van to move their loved to the Burial Ground.
Calverton & District Funeral Directors an Independent member of SAIF
"We found it easy to handle and transport without any problems" 
"we certainly would recommend it as an alternative to traditional coffins"   

Ideal for a low-impact Natural Burial or Cremation,  our Respect EveryBody Shrouds are made from 100% biodegradable Raw Un-Bleached Cotton and tightly woven to be naturally almost waterproof. The shroud is opened out X’ x X’ and a light XX mm inner-body-board XX x XXX cm is laid into a strong concealed pocket in the shroud with the deceased placed on top before being gently wrapped and held in place with four fine jute ties to ease in transport and handling. Carrying is safely controlled by four strong Cotton carrying handles designed for low level carrying. We also have a choice of Bearers depending on the weight of the deceased and these are made either from willow or ash poles with five strong jute slings or our full Willow stretcher.
The shrouded body safely rests on its inner-body-board and is lowered onto either bearer
Retail price £195.00
Trade prices available upon request 

Tel: 01427 612992